Professional Bali Property Management

End to end management solution to maximize your Bali villa rental earnings hassle-free

Team of 200+ staff, over 8 years of experience
150000+ guests stayed with us
$25M+ total value of villas and apartments under management
4.8 out of 5 average guest review

Here is why Bali property owners trust bnbprofits

Higher Income
Stress Free
Your Bali Villa in Good Hands
40% or higher rental returns with bnbprofits Bali villa management compared to any other self managed rental option
We handle everything for you. Guest communications, 24/7 check­-in, cleaning, villa maintenance, supply re-stock and more
We look after your Bali property and perform regular quality control inspections and preventive maintenance
Full transparency
Monthly Payouts
It's your home. Rent it on your terms. You decide when the property is available for bookings
Keep track of your Bali property performance via the online app
Versatile and convenient payout options based on your specific needs

How much your Bali villa could earn you?


Here is how we turn your Bali villa into profitable holiday rental investment

Dedicated Marketing team
Our team creates engaging and converting content to bring your property advertising to the next level
Market Analysis and Financial Model
We use data-driven financial planning for your property to accurately estimate future earnings and return of investment
OTA Distribution

We list your property on Airbnb and and 25+ top OTAs, direct booking websites, and market via social media and local agent networks
Guest Communication

Reservation teams located across 3 different time zones support a 24 hour booking service. We are always available.
Outstanding Hospitality

Our housekeeping & Guest Relations departments deliver outstanding hotel-style services and to the highest standards
24/7 Property Maintenance

Our handyman team is available around the clock for emergency repairs, weekly inspections or scheduled preventive maintenance
Supply restock

We offer a centralised warehouse supply for all properties under our management service to ensure the best quality and prices
Owner Dashboard & Reporting
Keep track of your Bali property management performance with our detailed monthly reporting, available through your owner dashboard.
We don't charge any fixed or hidden management fees, no strings attached.
Our management services are strictly commission based.
If your property does not rent, you don't pay anything except property running costs.
Marketing and Revenue strategy based on data analytics
Staging, architectural photos, aerial photos, video walk-throughs and listing copyright
Global Listing Distribution across 25+ Partner platforms
Expert Listing optimization & OTA SEO and listing rank improvement
Calendar cross sync and rate parity
Data driven dynamic smart pricing
Dedicated 24/7 Reservation management and guest concierge team
Pre-Check-in guest screening and booking contracts
Pricing & packages
Transparent online reporting and owner's portal
Online Marketing
Full Management
Complete Property Staffing, Staff Training, SOPs And Task Management
Villa Manager For In Person Viewings, Check In & Check Outs
Regular Property Inventory And Preventive Maintenance Inspections
House Manual And Neighborhood Guide
On-Call 24/7 Handyman And Home Improvement Team
Centralized Property Supplies At Wholesale Rates
Property Expenses Optimization And Cost Control
Utility Payments, Vendor Tendering And Contracts
Complete Property Bookkeeping And Detailed PnL Reports
Our Full Management plan allows you to sit back and enjoy 100% passive income, while our team maximises your holiday home financial output and delivers outstanding upkeep for your property
Our Online management plan lets you keep control over ground operation, while bnbprofits focuses on marketing and online guest communication
When you list your home with Bnbprofits, we unlock the possibilities of how you can make the most of it. We’ll take care of everything, with dedicated local teams providing continuous care for every home and stay, all the while driving more revenue for you.

Whatever your Bali investment strategy, we can help you identify the best price to rent a vacation home to maximize your earning potential.

Let us care for your vacation home in Bali

Get more from your rental property in Bali
Increase Earnings
Optimized listing strategies to maximize bookings and rentals
Work Less
A secondary income doesn't need to become a second job
Better Results
We earn the reviews that generate more bookings
We are here to bring your Bali property rental performance to the whole new level
Save Time
Grow Revenue
5 Star Reviews
We take care of the little details so you don't have to
Comprehensive revenue strategies based on data analytics and IT support
Your property gets best reviews to support credibility in the long run
Rank Near The Top
High Occupancy
Happy Guests, Happy Staff
Bringing your property to the top search results in all OTAs and Google
Optimized booking channel performance. Occupancy never drops below 70%
We ensure pleasant and comfortable experience for everyone involved
Our clients speak
Villa Blu

I owe a huge thanks to bnbprofits for their exceptional management of my properties. Their dedication, warmth, and intelligence in overseeing customer interactions and property upkeep have ensured continuous rentals, even through the pandemic. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team!
Vacation rental investor
Villa Terrace
Collaborating with bnbprofits has provided me with invaluable peace of mind and reliable support, vital during these times of travel restrictions. This partnership has been essential in maintaining the profitability of my investment.
Vacation rental investor
Villa Feng Shui
Choosing bnbprofits to manage my villa was the best decision. Their professionalism and friendliness stand out. I rest easy knowing my Feng Shui villa is well cared for, eagerly awaiting my return to Bali.
Villa owner
Villa Ayana
Having bnbprofits manage my property for the past 7 years has been a seamless experience. I fully trust their team with my villa, and even during challenging times like COVID, they've demonstrated exceptional organization and efficiency. A big thanks to the whole team!
Villa Owner

How much your Bali property could earn you with bnbprofits?

Estimate your property earnings and ROI potential
Property management questions
What types of properties does bnbprofits manage in Bali?
bnbprofits specializes in managing a wide range of properties in Bali, including vacation rental villas, apartments, and luxury estates. Our focus is on providing comprehensive management services that cater to the specific needs of each property type.
How does bnbprofits ensure higher rental returns for my property?
bnbprofits maximizes rental returns by employing expert marketing strategies, dynamic pricing models, and extensive distribution across major booking platforms. Our data-driven approach targets optimal market positioning to ensure up to 40% higher returns compared to self-managed properties.
Can I use my property while it's under management with bnbprofits?
Absolutely. We respect the owner's autonomy and offer flexibility in scheduling. You can decide when your property is available for bookings, ensuring you can enjoy your property at your convenience while maximizing rental earnings during other periods.
What kind of maintenance and quality control measures does bnbprofits implement?
bnbprofits conducts regular quality control inspections and preventive maintenance to keep each villa in pristine condition. Our dedicated handyman team is available for emergency repairs, routine checks, and scheduled maintenance, ensuring high standards for every guest's stay.
Are there different management plans available, and how do they differ?
Yes, we offer two main management plans. The Online Marketing Plan, with a 15% commission, focuses on marketing and online guest communication, while the owner handles ground operations. The Full Management Plan, at a 20% commission, provides a completely passive income experience, with bnbprofits managing all aspects of the villa, including on-ground services.
What sets bnbprofits apart from other property management companies in Bali?
bnbprofits differentiates itself with its comprehensive, client-focused approach. We offer personalized management solutions, expert market knowledge, and a commitment to maximizing rental income while maintaining the highest standards of property care and guest satisfaction.
How does bnbprofits handle guest communications and issues?
We have a dedicated reservation team operating across different time zones for round-the-clock booking services. For guest issues, our local management team is always on call to promptly address any concerns, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every guest.
Are there any additional costs or hidden fees with bnbprofits' management services?
bnbprofits values transparency in all our dealings. Our management fees are clearly outlined in our management plans, with no hidden costs. Any additional services or expenses are communicated upfront, ensuring you have a clear understanding of all costs involved.
Ask your property management question
Ready to learn more? Submit your question here and our Bali property management experts will provide you with an informed response.
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