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Bali Reopening

The long and seemingly endless wait to Bali's reopening of its borders has finally met its end: the island of Gods has now officially reopened to international travelers. As of early February 2022, Bali ended its near-two-year closing of its doors to the relief and excitement of both Balinese people and the international community.

Following months of complex logistics involving reaching the island through the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, and enduring the mandatory quarantine in tightly-sealed hotel rooms for a fluctuating duration of time that went up to 10 days, International travel to Bali has now reached a pandemic record of convenience. Fully vaccinated foreigners traveling to the island of Gods can now directly fly into Bali and carry out their quarantine on the island in one of the designated hotels for a mere 4 nights!

In addition to these massive logistical advances, the tourism visa has also been reinstated and can be issued to incoming foreign travelers of all nationalities. However, although news of Bali's reopening quickly made its way across the globe, practical aspects and procedures are still being figured out, and valid visas nevertheless remain an entry requirement. With only certain airlines flying directly into the island of Gods, the reopening is expected to be slow but smooth, and it is most definitely bright for Bali's future tourism restoration.

Although talks about Bali reopening have been in the books for several months, a continuous thread of hopeful news has steadily encouraged foreigners to visit or relocate to the island for the past several months. As such, the average occupancy rate in villas and hotels under the bnbprofits management reflects it, and it continues on an upward trend despite the holiday season having ended, officially exceeding the February 2021 performance by 11%.

The break the island needed is finally here, and the people of Bali are looking forward to seeing what were near-empty spaces and spots being filled with warmth and laughter like they once were. The road to Bali rekindling with its old pre-pandemic self is not clear but this news is the first of many hopeful glimpses of light at the end of the Covid tunnel and bnbprofits is proud to be part of it. Despite being merely in its early stages, news of open Bali borders have started to breathe life back into the island's culture and its people, fueling additional hope for a brighter, happier, and more fruitful year to come.

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