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Bali as 2022’s Most Popular Travel Destination

Despite the continued presence of the global pandemic, a glimpse into a hopeful traveling year makes its discreet appearance on the horizon. In fact, as popular opinion would suggest, desires to travel have never been higher than in 2022. Following the universal experience of having to spend months on end living in the same enclosed space staring at the same walls, walking on the same floors, seeing the same faces tainted with the craving expression of physical and emotional liberation through travel, 2022 is the year people have been waiting for. Across the world, travel enthusiasts are eager to dip their toes back into the international travel pool by venturing out to remote destinations they have never been to before, and which contrast with their daily lives.

As such, world-renown destinations like Rome, Paris, and London have officially been dethroned from Tripadvisor's Popular Destinations list, only to be replaced by destinations in Asia, the most popular being Bali.

As Indonesia's tourism crown jewel, the idyllic island of Bali has grown increasingly popular as a travel destination. Versatile and diverse, the island of Gods opens its arms to the most diverse collection of travelers: families, couples, backpackers, as well as solo globetrotters. Offering a mosaic of activities to do and sights to see, Bali unites cultural and spiritual quests, surfing and hiking, relaxation and indulgence, sea lovers and tropical jungle enthusiasts, all in one. Whatever the ages, tastes, hobbies, and interests, Bali has it all. With the island recently reopening its doors for the first time in 2 years, it is certain to witness a flux of enthusiastic visitors eager to discover the Balinese wonders that are so famously portrayed on posters, guide books, and that have taken social media by storm.

The people of Bali are looking forward to welcoming more foreign visitors to show you all about 2022's most sought-after travel destination, and we, at bnbprofits, are eager to make your stay as memorable as possible. Through thoughtfully selected vacation rental properties and attentive property management, travelers’ long awaited trip to Bali is sure to be unforgettable. Together, we will share with you the timeless beauty and uniqueness of Indonesia's island of Gods.

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