What can a co-host do?

Here are some ways co-host can help host your space:
  • Get your space ready for airbnb guests
  • Create attractive description, interior and aerial photography, 360 virtual tour
  • Provide nearby area competitors market rate research
  • List your space
  • Update calendar and pricing
  • Message with guests
  • Handle reservations, alterations and cancellations
  • Welcome guests in person in needed
  • Respond to guest issues
  • Review guests, Remind guests to leave a review for your property
  • Coordinate cleaning and linens, restock essential supplies
  • Carry on property inspections, arrange technicians for repairs
  • Interact with Airbnb customer service on your behalf

Help getting your space ready for guests
Your co-host can help prepare your space so it’s ready to welcome guests. They could do a little informal interior design (like suggesting decorations, lamps, etc.), recommending repairs to prepare the space, purchasing necessary items, creating a list of supplies to be restocked after each guest stay (e.g. soap, toilet paper), setting up a lockbox, creating a house manual, and more. Be sure to discuss with your co-host how to handle expenses.

List your space
Your co-host can create a listing for your place on Airbnb. They can help with writing a description, coming up with an appealing and meaningful title, taking and uploading photos, and help determine the optimal pricing for your place.

Message with guests
Your co-host can message guests for you. Your co-host will communicate with guests using their own Airbnb account to get to know guests, answer questions they may have, and coordinate their arrival and departure. Be sure to chat with your co-host about how you’d like them to handle communication with guests.

Handle reservations
Your co-host can handle reservations for you. If you decide to turn on Instant Book for your listing, guests can book instantly without requiring approval. But if you prefer to review each reservation request, inquiries will have to be manually accepted or declined. Guests appreciate timely responses, so be sure to discuss your expectations with your co-host.

Welcome guests in person
Your co-host can welcome or coordinate in-person guest check-ins for you. You can ask your co-host to meet your guests in-person, or you choose to let guests in from a lockbox or door code. You choose what works best for you. Guests will be invited to rate their check-in experiences, so be sure to discuss the specifics of what you’d like with your co-host.

Respond to guest issues
Your co-host can help handle guest-related travel issues for you. Guests might lock themselves out, the shower may stop working, or the internet may go down. Your co-host can jump in to help with the unexpected. We suggest having a conversation with your co-host about your expectations for these types of situations.

Review guests
Your co-host can review your guests and leave feedback for you. Airbnb is a trusted community that relies on ratings for both guests and hosts. Be sure to chat with your co-host about how you’d like them to handle guest reviews.

Update calendar and pricing
Your co-host can update your calendar and pricing for you. Keeping the listing’s availability up to date is important so guests know when they can book. Your co-host can help you decide whether to set prices manually or use Smart Pricing. Smart Pricing automatically adjusts your listing’s price for you, which is great when there are local events, festivals, or conferences that could raise the price of your listing. Be sure to discuss how you’d like to price your place and maintain your calendar with your co-host.

Restock essential supplies
Your co-host can help stock your place with a few basic guest necessities like towels, toilet paper, and soap. Guests depend on these basics while staying in an Airbnb, so be sure to talk with your co-host about the supplies needed, when and how they’ll be restocked, and how expenses will be handled.

Coordinate cleaning and linens
Your co-host can coordinate the cleaning of your space for you. Some co-hosts may choose to clean themselves, others may prefer to work with a cleaning service. Cleaning costs are often handled with a cleaning fee, paid for by the guest. A clean space is something guests expect, and they’ll have the opportunity to rate the cleanliness of your listing after they check out. Be sure to have a conversation with your co-host about how best to keep the space clean.

Coordinate maintenance
As a co-host we can coordinate repairs for you. If something needs a fix, we suggest talking with the co-host about what repairs are needed, when the listing should be repaired, and how expenses will be handled. If a repair needs to get expensed, you can use our resolution center.

Interact with Airbnb customer service on your behalf
We can contact Airbnb to report and work toward resolution of any issues you or your guests have during their stay.
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