Make up to $500 by introducing us to a new host.
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Earn more from your investment property in Bali
block #1 : TITLE
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Header text: Refer us to a Host & Earn
Subhead: How many Airbnb hosts do you know? Get up to $500 for every host you introduce us to. It's a benefit for everyone.

block #2 : How it works
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Header text: It's very easy
Icon 1 : Fill out the form
Sub: Our managers will get in touch with you

Icon 2: Sign up the property
Sub: We evaluate the property that you submit and sign it up for the management services

Icon 3: Your payment is on the way!
Sub: After the contract is signed you will receive your fee. It's that easy!
block #3 : Refer & Get paid
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Field 1: Your name
Field 2: Your email
Field 3: Property location: Canggu, Seminyak, Jimbaran, etc
Field 4: Property type : villa, hotel, apartment, etc
Field 5: Tell us more details
(pace holders)

Button text : submit

Thank you page : Thank you! Our managers will get in touch with you to discuss the details.
block #4 : Terms and Conditions
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Header text: Referral program terms and condition
Body: Thank you for referring a property to bnbprofits. As a token of our thanks, we invite you to participate in our referral program (the "Referral Program"). You shall be eligible for the agreed amount in the form of bnbprofits referral vouchers valued for up to $500 for each Eligible Referral (as set out below).

A referral shall be considered as an "Eligible Referral" if it meets the following terms and conditions:

1. The person referred by you must enter into a contract with bnbprofits to manage their property for at least 1 year.

2. The eligibility of the property shall be a confirmed by bnbprofits team prior to management contract signing.

3. A voucher can only be redeemed after 90 days of ongoing management contract with the owner of the said property.

4. The referral voucher shall be paid only once per eligible property. In case referral for an eligible property is received from two referees, the individual who sent the referral via this Referral Program first will be the only referee eligible for the voucher under the Referral Program.

5. In case of any disputes, you agree, as we do, to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indonesian courts.
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