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Earn more from your investment property in Bali
Modern Villa
Marketing Services
Proper digital marketing is a crucial element to success in almost any kind of modern business.

BNBPROFITS specializes in complete marketing solutions for property owners in Bali.

Our Villa Marketing Packages can be tailored according to your specific needs.
We focus on applying cutting-edge technologies to create hi-end content and professional SEO to maximise visibility of your listings, websites, and other resources.

Our team of Social Media Experts create vibrant, meaningful and individualized Facebook and Instagram accounts to help your brand gain awareness and reputation.
Website Design
Our website design services for rental properties have helped bring in millions of dollars for vacation rental owners and property managers all over the world.
From $ 1000
Vacation Rental Websites Masterfully Designed For Conversion

Our Proprietary Formula Dramatically Increases Bookings! Profit-churning vacation rental websites designed with psychology, sales, science, & art all masterfully baked into the design. Guaranteed more bookings when we design a site for you.

Did you know?
  • 94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website
  • 48% of people cited a website's design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business
  • Conversion: Our conversion first approach is what makes our websites better than any vacation rental marketing or website design company.
  • Functionality: A website is not just about how it looks but also how it works and what you can do with it. Villa Marketers websites are user-friendly and can be expanded for just about any function or feature you could want now or in the future.
  • Design: Our award-winning websites have been named the best vacation rental websites in the business by many, including the industry's top experts. Check our reviews to see what owners, managers, and experts are saying about our work.
  • Presentation: We design your website to be something like a presentation book. With every picture, page, and word consumed, the reader becomes increasingly interested. Our websites increase the perceived value in your vacation rental. You've heard it before: "it's all about the presentation."
Turn-key marketing solutions
Easy One-Touch, All-Inclusive Marketing Services
Experts do it all for you! Turn-key marketing solutions maximize your booking income while making your life a whole lot easier. Our full advertising services make marketing, maintenance, and booking stress free. Relax, enjoy your vacation home, and let the experts do all the heavy lifting for you.
From $ 1000
Turn-Key Vacation Rental Marketing

Villa Marketers provides powerful turn-key marketing packages for busy people. Our clients tell us they enjoy the simple one-touch marketing solutions we've designed specifically for the vacation rental industry.

With the execution of one of the Villa Marketers powerful advertising campaigns, you're deploying an entire marketing team to promote your individual investment property with the attention it needs and deserves.

We offer complete marketing, photography, website design, and development services to make the process of owning, managing, and marketing your vacation rental simple.
Why Use Villa Marketers' Vacation Rental Marketing Campaigns?

Here are just a few of the reasons why using a marketing campaign is right for you:

  • You will not be charged a commission on bookings.
  • You can write off your marketing campaigns on your taxes.
  • You will receive more quality inquiries as well as more bookings.
  • You save time because very little work is required from you.
  • You will have our full support.
  • You will secure your investment by diversifying your marketing efforts.
  • You can create income from other countries through global marketing.
  • You can get one-on-one consulting to choose what is right for you.
Vacation Rental SEO
Our seasoned SEO specialists use only the absolute best SEO practices proven to catapult website rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo, where travelers are actively searching for everything under the sun.
From $ 1000
Did you know an astounding 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine?

Statistics reveal that travelers are not visiting VRBO, HomeAway,, or any other travel website first. They go to Google, then other places. Is your vacation rental being found on Google today?

It's Like Magic – Bookings Without Hassles!

When travelers find your website in search engines, there aren't thousands of listings for you to compete with. It's your personal property website where just your property is being showcased.

Since travelers find your website before going to crowded vacation rental listing sites, there's less haggling on pricing because there isn't a buffet of rentals being served to the traveler like when they visit listing sites.

Our SEO services skyrocket your property's online exposure by helping you stand on the shoulders of giants like Google, providing the platform for you to get noticed on the web.
SEO drives laser-targeted travelers to your website who are, at that very moment, searching for accommodations like yours. These high-quality leads are funneled from Google to your website, and that's why SEO hugely increases the likelihood of website visitors booking your vacation home.

SEO is cheaper! SEO leads have a 61% lower cost per customer acquisition compared to traditional marketing.

SEO will never expire and will deliver steady bookings generated directly from your own website for years to come. Imagine that!

  • Save money by eliminating commissions.
  • Gain more control over your investment.
  • And finally get the money you deserve.
Vacation Rental Photography
We'll help you grab the attention of accommodation seekers with vibrant crystal clear digital images of your vacation home and make them want to book.

Our expert vacation rental photographers will come to your property location and capture awe-inspiring photographs of your rental property and surrounding areas and amenities.
From $ 1000
Why does your vacation rental desperately need professional photos?

  • According to a recent Trip Advisor study, when people are deciding which property to book, pictures are more important to them than reviews.
  • In a recent study it was revealed that photography is one of the most impactful tools that can increase inquiries without additional marketing costs.
  • Professional photographs increases the perceived value of your rental
  • A picture speaks a thousand words and may just be worth a 1000 likes.
  • 70% of Facebook activity is based around photos
Give your villa's real estate marketing a jolt!

Our professional photographers and video specialists will come right to your property's doorstep to take the clearest images and vibrant videos possible, highlighting the most wonderful features of your vacation home, rental resort, hotel, or real estate property. The video tours that Villa Marketers will create for your vacation rental will give your potential rental clients a jolt of energy with all the right feelings attached. You will transfer these feelings of excitement about your villa to your rental clients when they get their eyes on the excellent video presentation of the property for rent or sale.

That's right, you can also use video to help promote your real estate for sale. If you're a real estate agent, contact us. The streaming video tour will provide your renters and buyers the feeling that they are actually in the rental property looking at each room's magnificent features with their own eyes, and not just seeing a picture of your home through a camera lens.

Travel Writing Services
Travel Writer, SEO Copywriter, and Sales Expert Working For YOU! Travel writers are a must today for online marketing! Did you know one of the biggest mistakes vacation rental owners make is to reuse their content?
From $ 1000
Deliver the Right Message

What should you say? How should you say it? You'll need to invoke the right feelings in readers to effectively communicate the experience to travelers. Minor wording can make a major difference in your marketing message.

We've thought of it all for you. Your travel writer will write the descriptions for all your vacation rental website pages and vacation rental ads. We'll paint a beautiful picture for the visitors of your vacation home's website.

Close More Sales

Nothing helps put more "heads in beds" than a great sales script. Our sales experience helps you close more bookings with proven sales techniques. Our seductive travel writing services combined with a sales script and a pinch of SEO is a recipe for success.

We Make It Easy

Villa Marketers understands how time consuming, frustrating, and mind bending it can be to come up with quality content and meaningful travel articles for vacation rental websites and advertisements. Let us do it for you!
SEO Articles & Press Releases

Want your website to rank higher in Google? Let our SEO copywriter infuse your vacation rental and travel articles with targeted keyword terms. There is a science to ranking websites in search results. SEO-friendly travel articles are a huge factor in whether or not you'll succeed in the online travel world. Our talented travel writer Kari leads the team who will create amazing content for your travel business or villa website. We will write SEO content that will be keyword-rich to a certain keyword density. Our SEO formula will ensure your place in search results. Want to write a powerful press release? We can help.

We offer travel writing services combined with a knowledge of SEO that will improve your vacation rental website and listing rankings in search engine results.

Fast Article Delivery

Creating quality content is one reason many projects are held up or even given up on. Vacation rental owners often have difficulty with travel writing. It's not easy coming up with all the content required for their vacation rental websites and online advertising. Our professional travel writing services help meet deadlines and speed up the overall development and marketing process.

Additional Services
Rental Virtual Tours
3D Floor Plan
Business Card Designs
Web Hosting
Booking Software
Logo Design
Rental Consulting
Vacation Rental Virtual Tours
Virtual Tours Increase Engagement & Interest In Travelers.

Vacation Rental Virtual Tours Get 4x More Hits! Professional photographs of your property are a must-have in the vacation rental business, but offering a virtual tour greatly boosts your bookings because they allow potential guests to feel like they are literally walking through your vacation home.

Give your vacation rental marketing a 180 with a 360 virtual tour.

Vacation rental listings that have virtual tours get 4x more hits than homes that have only pictures.

Allow us to create a virtual tour of your property. We'll show off your vacation home and highlight all the best features, helping potential guests envision themselves staying there on their upcoming vacation.
Villa 3d Floor Plans
  • 3D Floor Plans Increase Engagement
  • Reduce Renting Resistance
  • Presents Your Property In An Amazing Way
Custom Vacation Rental Business Card Designs
Travelers Won't Book Until They Trust You !

  • Increased Trust Equals Increased Bookings
  • Make Bookings Easier & With Less Friction
Picture this: You meet a potential renter or you strike up a conversation with someone who could possibly be interested in your business. Then they ask for your information, so you decide to give them your business card… Oh, wait,you don't have a business card. So what now? You quickly look for some scrap paper and jot down your number, which they will most likely toss out with their pocket lint at the end of the day.

Don't be this guy!

Stand out in the crowd and do some classic marketing with custom vacation rental business cards! Our team will put together eye popping designs that will be sure to leave an impression on your clients. You can provide photos or our resident expert photographer can step in to capture the essence of your vacation rental property.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, but the right picture is worth thousands of dollars! Maximize your profits today!

Vacation Rental Web Hosting
Robust, Reliable and Secure

We have a 99.9% uptime, which means you're always open for business.

Here at BnbProfits, we offer only the best hosting for our villa owners. Our hosting is the most robust, reliable, and secure infrastructure on the web. We have a 99.9% uptime, which means your're always open for business. We can meet all of your villa website hosting needs. No matter if you have a single property villa website or a commercial vacation rental or video site, we've got you covered.

We won't flood you with technical jargon about what our villa hosting packages offer; it would be two pages long. However, if you have any questions about our villa web hosting, villa web design, or marketing campaigns, please contact us today and we would be happy to show you that we are offering the best solution for villa owners and villa websites. We make it easy for you!
Vacation Rental Software
Travelers will now be able to book your villa directly from your website, no more back and forth, contracts, printing, cumbersome processes or even worse sending travelers to your competitors on 3rd party listing sites.

  • Fully responsive – mobile friendly booking calendar looks good on desktops and all mobile devices, no matter the screen size
  • Fast– Reservations and/or inquiries made directly from the calendar updated in real time to reflect instant bookings within seconds
  • Online payments accepted directly from your website via credit card/wire transfer.
  • Define your own seasons and set specific seasonal and dynamic rates
  • Define booking rates and custom security deposit based on the amount of guests
  • Collect a booking deposit of a set flat fee or choose to charge a preset deposit based on a booking percentage, that is paid upon booking.
  • Automatic tax calculation based on your city or state's specific tax rate
  • Guests receive email confirmation of their booking automatically.
  • Email notification of bookings, cancellations, invoice payments, etc. Text message notification available for an additional fee.Terms and conditions agreed upon before booking.
  • Automatic, custom invoice generation. Create unique and personalized email notifications to guests including your unique branding and logo.
  • Manage calendars for 1 or 10,000 properties. Easily manage all calendars from a single back-office, helping you work more effectively
  • Customize the look of the calendar to match the design colors of your websiteCharge a cleaning fee based on the number of days a traveler books with you Extras & pet fees: Offer your guests options and upgrades like pool heat, BBQ grill, early check ins and checkouts. You set the options and prices you'd like to offer guests.
  • Set your calendar display preference to 1, 3, 6, or 12 month calendar views
  • Make online booking easy for international guests with multi-language/currencies
  • Manage All Your Calendars From One Place: Sync calendar to sites like VRBO, HomeAway & Flipkey: Export CSV, iCal, and XML feeds to keep other listing sites in sync with changes to your calendar.
  • Easy Accounting: Quickly import your accounting information to Quick Books or other accounting software.
  • Never lose your data: Downloadable backups of all guest and booking information.
  • Multi-user support, lets multiple people/staff approve and modify bookings as well as payments (optional) in the back end.
  • Display calendar on any website. Calendar embedding with HTML to easily display your calendar on your website and across the web.
  • Manually add bookings that book offline or on other vacation rental websites.
  • Increased conversion: Easy to use booking calendar for travelers turns more visitors into guest
Software The Way You Want & Need It: If you have a special feature you need that isn't included in the base calendar, contact us – we can customize it for you to make it happen.

Best Vacation Rental Logo Designs
Looking for the best vacation rental logo? A logo is an essential part of creating your brand and increasing brand recall. In order for your vacation rental business to gain an edge, you have to create that edge.

To do so, you'll need an identity, and that's where your logo comes in, but not just any logo will do that! You'll need an identity different than any other in your market.

You want a property management logo that tells both owners and travelers what you're all about. We can help! If you're a vacation rental owner, you'll want to create a great first impression with potential guests. Our professional vacation rental logos will help you do just that!

But in order for you to make a lasting impression, you'll need to be remembered. Your vacation rental logo will help make the connection in the mind of travelers.

Ever seen a website without a logo? It looks like it's missing something! I should know; I've designed hundreds of vacation rental websites. A professionally designed logo for your vacation rental will give your website that polished look.

To develop a memorable brand, you'll use your vacation rental logo on your website, business cards, letterhead, invoices, flyers, insiders guide, video, and press releases, and that's how you build not just a memorable brand… but a remarkable brand!

What business do you remember that does not have a logo?

Top Vacation Rental Pro Offers One-On-One Vacation Rental Consulting Services
What you don't know is hurting you!

  • Do you need help setting up your Google Adwords account to pull in the most profits?
  • Want to know how to advertise your vacation rental for free on Google?
  • Want to know places you could advertise your vacation rental with the biggest impact?
  • Would you like to know what your competition is doing?
  • What if he could show you where you are wasting your time and how to adjust your efforts?
  • What if you could learn secret sales techniques from a vacation rental pro that are 100% proven to get customers to buy?
It's important to know what to do to market a vacation rental on the internet. It's also just as important to know what not to do when marketing a rental property on the web.

Avoid marketing pitfalls, lost income, frustration, and lost opportunities when you learn from the mistakes and accomplishments of a seasoned vacation rental specialist.

There are no questions that are off the table; Jay will answer any of your vacation rental marketing, website and business questions, no matter how much it hurts to give up his secrets.

This deal will change your vacation rental business. You cannot get this offer anywhere else.

Don't miss your chance to skyrocket your rental profits!
Pricing & Plans
Basic Villa Marketing Package
$ 350​
  • 20 Interior & Exterior photos Daytime and Sunset (high res, edited)
  • 10 Aerial Drone Photos (high res, edited)
  • 1 min Video walk-through for Instagram and Facebook
  • Villa Title and Description copyright
  • Market Report for your area
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A La Carte Villa Marketing Services
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