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About Us

bnbprofits is the most efficient property management agency in Bali changing the way holiday real estate is leased. We maximize property value by transforming traditional long-term rental properties into five-star Airbnb homes.
We are a team of property management and marketing professionals
We started out with a single property a few years back and are now managing properties all over Bali on behalf of investors who want to gain from the Airbnb boom, but don't want the on-going hassle of managing guests, cleaners and furnishing.
Tech Driven
At bnbprofits we use our own software tools to assure maximized financial output of each property under our management. This toolkit consists of a channel manager, dynamic pricing, Airbnb rank monitoring software, review reminders, auto-replies, task managing software for ground teams, cloud-based automated bookkeeping and accounting.
Full Transparency
Simple and transparent pricing strategies with no hidden fees, easy to understand detailed property performance reports.
Outstanding Customer Service
24/7 customer hotline support and online dashboard for property owners. Around the clock guest concierge services
Our services
bnbprofits is a one-stop solution partner for all your Bali Real Estate & Holiday rental related needs
About us
We are a team of expert AirBnb consultants ready to help you scale your airbnb vacation rental business, grow your short term rental revenue and get the most out of your holiday property listings. Listings on airbnb and 20 other top booking platforms and social media marketing channels., Optimize, simplify and automate all aspects of your property rentals, property management and guests handling procedures.

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Who we are and what provide?
We provide professional online villa marketing, consulting, listings optimization and management services for Bali holiday property owners. We improve your position and visibility in search results, provide property photography services, aerial drone footage, 360 virtual tour and attractive description to make your property look outstanding, dynamic pricing strategy to increase occupancy rate, handle all communication with guests and calendar management, train and supervise your staff, cut maintenance expenses, save your time, take care of all the hussle of property management and earn you more.As a five-star Airbnb "Superhosts" and professional property managers of multiple airbnb accounts with over 5 years local experience, my team combines the power of extensive Airbnb knowledge, business acumen, marketing skills, and hospitality industry knowledge to maximize returns on your property investment while delighting guests with professional customer service and unique travel experiences.
We're tech driven
At bnbprofits we believe that success in the modern world comes to companies whose business model, innovation strategy, and growth are technology-centric.
  • Technology-driven organizations are innovative, making use of new advances in technology to better serve customers, gain a competitive advantage, and evolve with the marketplace
  • These companies are less afraid of technological advancement, which gives them more mobility, freedom, and creativity to innovate
  • They also embrace a digital culture, workplace, and mindset, focusing on the advantages of new technology instead of clinging to traditional methods and processes
Ultimately, technology-driven organizations are ones that embrace change instead of running from it. Understandably, many organizations are reluctant to give up business models, tools, or legacy systems that have served them well for years or decades.

Today's economy is arguably technologically driven, so technology-driven organizations are likely the ones to be the most successful.
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Получите больше ночей, забронированных по более высоким ценам, увеличьте свой доход от собственности, без проблем.
Bali Rental Property Marketing & OTA distribution
We list your property on 25+ top OTAs, direct booking websites, and market via social media and local agents
Full Service Bali Property Management
Full service short-term rental villa property management to allow you to earn higher returns.
Bali Real Estate Investment Options
Own a holiday home that pays for itself and generates steady rental returns
Holiday Villa Rentals & Long Term with best price guarantee
Full service short-term rental management to allow you to earn higher returns.
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bnbprofits is an independent property management company for Airbnb, Booking com, Expedia, HomeAway hosts and short term holiday rental villa owners based in Bali and is not affiliated with Airbnb in any way
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