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Airbnb Arbitrage Investments
in Bali

How does Airbnb Arbitrage work?

Arbitrage is the act of buying and selling something at the same time to make a profit. The idea is to buy something at a low price and sell it at a higher price. The difference is the profit.

Airbnb arbitrage is renting a property yearly and then turning it into short-term holiday rental. The goal is to have the revenue from short-term rentals exceed the cost of renting, furnishing and managing the property. Here's an example of how much you could earn with bnbprofits Airbnb Arbitrage investment products.
Average Yearly rental cost 3bd villa in Canggu
$ 18 000
Cost of Airbnb-Ready Setup
Average yearly revenue with bnbprofits
$50 000+
Profit Margin Yearly %
Benefits of Airbnb Arbitrage
With a relatively small entry cost Bali Airbnb Arbitrage investments provide outstanding profit margins with low risks and quick exits.

We will find and evaluate a suitable property and prepare accurate financial projections at the initial stage before any investment is made.
High Returns
With bnbprofits professional management and marketing services your Arbitrage property will generate an average profit of 20-25% on your investment
Diversified Portfolio
Lease properties in multiple locations to mitigate the risks and even out the performance of your portfolio
Your Holiday Home
Retain access to your property for use as a holiday home for friends and family
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