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Trained professional complete inspections to ensure the safety of your asset, nipping any issues in the bud.
We take property inspections seriously to protect your asset.
Traditional property managers would usually inspect your property once or twice a year. We inspect once or twice a week, whenever guests are checking-in or checking-out. This gives us data on how your property is looking, so we can implement preventative measures before issues escalate.
Inspections, every booking
Between every booking an and chill Property Host will conduct a property inspection to keep track of the property and identify any issues.
Photographic records
Every time an and chill Property Host visits to complete an inspection photos are recorded, giving us the evidence required for insurance claims should any issues arise.
Instant reporting and actioning
If during an inspection anything appears out of place or needs further attention, our Property Host app allows for an instant notification to be sent to our Operations team to have the situation rectified before the next guest arrives.
We're tech driven
We've developed mobile apps for our Property Hosts to use every time they visit your property to complete an inspection. This gives us a realtime view of your property and timestamped photographs should any issues pop-up.
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