Make up to $500 by introducing us to a new host.
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and chill provides industry professionals with solutions to gain more from holiday short term rentals on Aribnb, Booking and other top travel websites
Airbnb Property Management Services
Our Airbnb property management service takes care of every aspect of your property.
bnbprofits maximises revenues for homeowners and provides a seamless experience for guests.
Professional Property Management Services in Bali

Increase Your Rental Income & Booking Rate By Hiring An Airbnb Property Manager
Full service — No compromise.

and chill takes care of everything your current real estate agent does – and even the things they don't do.

Looking after property maintenance, paying rates and water bills and making sure you get outstanding financial returns is step one.

We then go further and furnish your property, list it on Airbnb and get your place ready to start welcoming guests visiting Australia. and chill looks after the entire booking process, communicates with guests and brings in cleaning and laundry crews.

You get higher than market rental returns, allowing you to earn more money from your investment, and chill.

Why make the switch to short term rentals?

Whether you're new to the rental market or you're an old hand at the game, Hometime makes it easy for you to earn the extra income, without the extra effort.

As a property management service for Airbnb, we take over the entire short-term rental process and proactively manage the performance of your home, keeping your occupancy high and your guests happy.

Hometime takes care of every aspect of your Airbnb property. We call it hands-off hosting.

Make the switch
Trusted. Dedicated. Locally-based.
Every block is perfectly balanced to make the reading an enjoyable experience.

When you sign up to Hometime's service your property will be managed by a Hometime local area Airbnb expert, who will go above and beyond to make sure your property is performing well and your guests feel right at home. If you have a question simply pick up the phone or connect with your Hosting Partner over a coffee.

Hosting Partners have a vested interest in the success of their clients, this is because their success and earnings are aligned with a host's success and earnings. This translates to greater care, as well as a greater incentive to achieve superior results.

Why choose us
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
High quality
Annual design conference to discuss the role of technologies in everyday life
Hassle-free Airbnb hosting

Recognised by Airbnb as a Professional Co-Host, Hometime keeps occupancy levels high, guests happy and earns homeowners extra income – all without them having to lifts a finger.
Annual design conference to discuss the role of technologies in everyday life
What will Hometime Handle?

We've created a property management service that takes care of everything. From designing your listing to watering your plants – we do it all so you don't have to.

Listing Creation We'll carefully design your listing with well-crafted copy and beautiful imagery, which will inform and inspire future guests to book your listing.

Revenue Optimisation Leverage our powerful pricing strategy - we'll perform pricing and search optimisation to achieve better yields and maximise your occupancy rate.

Guest Screening While we promptly reply to every reservation request, we only accept bookings from those guests who fit your specific criteria.

Guest Communication We communicate with your guests from the moment they inquire and throughout their stay and provide timely responses.

Professional Housekeeping Professional cleaning in-between guest stays will ensure your property is kept in pristine condition and that guests feel comfortable from the moment they arrive.

Property Maintenance We complete regular and thorough property inspections. Additionally, any maintenance issues that arise at your property will be looked after swiftly.

Restocking Essentials It's the little things that make a big difference and lead to positive guest reviews. Welcome packs will be provided for every guest stay and essential items will be restocked to enhance your guests' experience.

Want to know more? Find out how Hometime's turnkey service will simplify every aspect of Airbnb management and supercharge your rental income.

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Allow your clients to earn higher returns from short term rentals

Convert your development into a high performing Airbnb.

Real Estate Agents
Provide your clients a new way to earn rental returns
We convert your clients investment properties into high performing Airbnb rentals.
Property Developers
Add incredible value to your investment properties
and allow us clients to earn higher returns. We convert your development into a high performing Airbnb.
Landlords & Real Estate Investors

We offer hands off property management solution. We take care of everything traditional real estates agents do – and even the things they don't.

Bali Airbnb Investment Advice
Expand your property portfolio with ease

We accurately estimate the returns of Airbnb rental investments across Bali.

Finding a location
Every investor is different. We look at investing specifically for those seeking higher returns from Airbnb, taking into account your risk appetite, your current property portfolio and legislative restrictions on short-term renting.
Property Developers
Zero-ing in on an investment property The real beauty of our service is getting right into the particulars of each property. We can compare what actual properties are making and then cross-reference to see what is available on the market.

Landlords & Real Estate Investors

Forecast exact returns With all the numbers from our research, you can see what returns you can expect for properties on the market. You can assess Airbnb investments using common real estate metrics, taking into account cash-flow and forecast capital gains.
All the details are accounted for, giving you an accurate forecast of your net financial position.

Working out regulations Not all state governments, local councils or neighbours consider Airbnb to be their friend. We take a deep-dive into the practicalities of getting legitimately set up so once you're earning it can't be taken away.

Accounting for all the costs It's easy to show headline revenue, but to make astute investments, we need to take into consideration all the potential costs, from furnishing right down to an internet connection.

1. Current State Analysis Let's sit down and chat. We need to understand your current investments to determine how Airbnb can fit nicely in your portfolio.

2. Opportunity Research We'll scout the market. Taking into account both sides of the equation: Airbnb rental returns possible and capital investment required.

3. Portfolio Forecast Crunching the numbers is where the fun happens. We'll calculate your cash-flow forecast and the changes in equity on your balance sheet.

4. Buy Facilitation You won't be leaving empty handed. You'll get a report with all the data to make an informed decision, and we can do everything to get keys in your hands.

Unlock the potential of
short term leasing

We provide a comprehensive property management service so you can experience all the benefits of short term leasing without any of the work

We leverage short term letting platforms like Airbnb to generate higher returns from your property

We enhance traditional investments by utilising the sharing economy. We do this because we truly believe that travel is an incredible way to experience the world and we are proud to help property owners give back to the travel community whilst still enjoying higher returns on their investments. This is property management like never before.

Benefits of Hey Tom

Earn more from your property than traditional leasing

Access to a dedicated property manager who takes care of your property

We do all the work for you

Guest reviews mean we're incentivised to maintain your property properly

Your property is inspected and cleaned professionally between every guest

24/7 check in for guests

How do you value flexibility?

By choosing short term letting you get flexibility from your assets thats not available anywhere else.

Hometime's On-Demand Housekeeping

And wait there's more!

Because Hometime also offers an on-demand housekeeping service, you can still manage the property yourself and get them top provide luxury hotel-standard cleaning, laundry and linen service.

Hometime will simply sync their schedule to your Airbnb calendar so guests always have spotless accommodation when they arrive.

Why us?
Dedicated team
Maximise income
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Unlike your traditional agency, we're an Airbnb property management team that allows you to gain higher returns by leasing your investment property as an Airbnb rental.
Make informed investment decisions

Working with an bnbprofits as an Investment Advisor in Bali allows you to maximise your portfolio returns.

Let's chat about how we can help your valued clients today.

Reach out to the team to have a conversation about how we can allow your clients earn more from their investment with bnbprofits.

Find out more about how you can earn more money from your investment, and chill.
Why choose us
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Referral Partnerships
We work with referral partners to maximise overall returns for the clients.
Hands Free Management
Building Management For short term renting your building needs to sparkle. We make sure guests and permanent residents always feel right at home with that extra TLC.

We fully manage and operate strata-titled buildings for short term rentals. This allows lot owners to gain from the Airbnb boom with on-site letting agents.
Annual design conference to discuss the role of technologies in everyday life
We make people happy
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Hight Quality
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences. We like what we do.
Be innovative
The real estate industry is being disrupted by new digital platforms. Allow your clients to see you at the forefront of this innovation, providing them with the data to make informed investment decisions. Learn More
Don't miss out
With over 600% growth of Airbnb in Australia, this market is a great opportunity. This gives you access to this market and this opportunity. You won't lose the rent roll to Airbnb anymore, instead you'll share in a slice of the Airbnb pie.
Retain Your Clients
Your clients are already thinking about switching to Airbnb rentals – plug that hole before they flood on out. Partnering with and chill allows you to keep your clients and offer them the high Airbnb returns. Learn More
Offer 9% rental guarantees.
Make it easy for your sales team.

Revenue Split
We work with developers to maximise overall returns for the development. This can be done directly with property owners or in partnership with existing letting operators.

24 month guarantee
Property owners can be guaranteed a minimum rental yield - with the bonus of additional returns by capturing any additional upside.

A trusted partner to look after your investment property
We're able to deliver outstanding results time-and-time again.
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. We do the heaving lifting of day-to-day management, whilst delivering higher returns to investors.
Diversified Income Stream
Investors now have the option to list with a traditional long term lease or to go on Airbnb and make the most of the Asian tourism boom. You now have the ability to give your clients the option, the choice on what they would like to do and you earn commissions either way. Option A or B, the agency wins.
Sales Referrrals
Property investors are a great source of vendors and purchasers for the real estate property market. Not only will you keep your clients, but you will receive referrals from and chill for clients looking to buy and looking to sell. More off market listings, more commissions and more success stories.
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences.
With bnbprofits on-site, property owners can receive value for money property management, with 24 hour five star service.

Letting Rights
We take care about our clients time. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
Property Developers

Let's chat about options today.

Reach out to the team to have a conversation about how we can allow your buyers to earn more from their investment property in Bali
Let's start a relationship.

We're ready for you. Let's chat about how we can energise your agency with short term rentals.
Drop us a message or give us a call anytime on +62 81 123 456 78 90
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We're opening new doors
Hometime has been growing quickly over the past few years, as more property owners switch from housing long-term tenants to hosting more lucrative short-term tenants.

Our convenient Airbnb management services are available in Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Cairns, The Gold Coast, Melbourne, The Sunshine Coast, and Sydney, with more areas planned for the near future.
Airbnb Property Management
Full service short term rental management to allow you earn higher returns.
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Complete Home Stylingt
Transform your empty property into a five star Airbnb.
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Guest Experience
We deliver outstanding service to all guests, 24 hours a day.
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