Google Home Based
Virtual AI Concierge
for Airbnb Rentals
Utilize innovative smart home solutions to create a unique and unforgettable experience
Why every Airbnb property needs this
Guests FAQ's answered by AI powered chat
Improved guest experience - better reviews
Extra earnings from Guest Services Sales
Direct contact with property manager at any time
Bolstered by 24/7 Customer Service Support
Smart Home Integration
What Virtual Concierge can do for your property guests
With our specialized service, your guests have access to innumerable options - all through voice interactions
A personalized welcome for guests
Smart Home can connect to multiple devices in your property - including the guests phone
Check in and check out infomration
Upon Guest arrival, the smart home will greet them, and remind them of check out procedures
House rules & orientation
Instructions how to connect to the internet, how to use appliances and other electronics
Neighborhood Guide
Provide guests with local hotspots and send directions to their phone
Latest events
Tell guests what is happening in the area, all according to their interests
Time, Weather, Surf Conditions, Currency Rate
All the latest information available immediately
In-villa services & food delivery
Massages, best pizza spots, and equipment rentals
Direct contact with villa manager
24/7 support by using your villa manager with addition of our own staff
Transportation & Taxi Services
Order taxi's and transportation services to wherever the guest needs to go
All guest requests answered via AI - which also controls smart electronics inside the property
Integration of your smart device
Compatible With Any Google Home Device
Google Home is capable of answering all your guest questions and provide valuable local information personalized to your property. With smart home support and integration, the possibilities for guest satisfaction are endless.
Google Home Hub
The Google Home Hub displays all pertinent information that the guest request on a screen - including weather, nearby stores and eateries, events, and check out information.
How it works
We install and/or sync your google home device with our system and provide printed instructions for your guests on how to use your virtual consierge
From basic service to full smart home integration - whatever your property allows, we will deliver
We teach AI how to answer most common guest questions about your property and our human customer service back office is available 24-7 to provide guest support
Google Home will be able to anticipate and answer most of the questions regarding your property and the surrounding area - everything else will be handled by our trained staff
You get 50% share of all the profit from guest services sales made via Virtual Concierge at your property
Whatever the guest orders - from food to massages to equipment rental to taxi's - you get a share of the service.
From assessment to installation and support, we have got you covered.

Our virtual concierge will handle all questions, requests and concerns of your guest 24-7

$39.99 per property per month
Virtual Concierge Service for Vacation Rental Property
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$380 / year (20% off)
Virtual Concierge Service for Vacation Rental Property
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