Make up to $500 by introducing us to a new host.
We offer support to Bali property owners and Airbnb hosts

We want to assist you in anyway we can during this time of uncertainty - so feel free to contact us and we will help reduce your running costs and protect your assets during this time of unrest.

THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK: We are here to help keep your property safe, secure and well maintained during lockdown.
- Effective cost control implementation
- Property security and logistics
- Anti-crisis marketing solutions
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Keep your villa occupied
We'll professionally market your Bali property using various platforms including social media networking groups, chats, websites and local agency networks. We'll target international expat communities and domestic tourists in order to keep your villa occupied.
Effective Cost Control
You can dramatically reduce your monthly expenses by outsourcing your property maintenance to us so you have more time to sit back and relax while your property continues to make you money.
Worry Free
There's no need to worry about your property as you can be rest assured that your asset is in good hands - it'll be inspected daily, and remain safe, secure and well maintained.
Our services
We offer an extensive anti-crisis management programme as well as unrivalled marketing services all aimed at helping you to make the most of your holiday rental business.
Smart Villa Security Services
Disinfection Antibacterial Spraying
Smart CCTV Installation
Housekeeping, Pool and Garden Maintenance
Electricity bill reduction
Handyman services
Legal Consulting & Mediation
Property Insurance
Property Inventory & Daily Inspections
Renovation & Remodeling
Moving, Storage and Relocation services
Garage / Online Sales
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We are available to assist you with any of your property related needs - so feel free to contact us today and see exactly how we can support you. We offer a whole host of services that will help reduce your running costs and protect your assets during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.
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