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Earn more from your investment property in Bali
Holiday Property RENTAL Investment

Bali Holiday Villa Lease
Safe Heaven For Your Investment

Better Value than Keeping Money in the Bank
  • Bali is a World Top Rated Holiday Destinatiot with Developed Touristic Infrastructure
  • Steady demand from Australian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, New Zealand markets
  • Growing Number Of Tourist Arrivals
  • Stream of Tourists Year Around
  • High Occupancy Rates
  • Steady Rental Revenue
  • Double Your Rental Income vs. Long Term Rentals
  • Stress Free Investment - Complete marketing & Management Services Included
  • No Taxes on Villa Rental Income in your Home Country
  • Cash from the Nightly Rentals & your very own Piece of Paradise
Steady growth of Foreign Tourist Arrivals
Arrivals to Bali Up 21.3%
Foreign Tourist Arrivals January-April 2016 Up 16.77%
Bali predicts 4.6 M Visitors by the end of 2017
Distribution of Villas in Bali
Historical Occupancy Rates in Bali
OVER 9000 villas currently listed on AIRBNB in BALI
Average Monthly Revenue in USD
Seasonality & Revenue per room
Canggu - Fastest Growing Area in Bali
Beyond the Beach: Canggu - Bali's Coolest Neighborhood
Bali is a surfer's paradise and a heaven for spiritual seekers, sure, but it's also a dream destination for free-spirited foodies and aesthetes.
Canggu, a tiny little beach community on the island's west coast 5 km north of Seminyak, - a home to beautiful temples, lush rice fields, hot summer rains, lazy beach days and sultry nights - offers the best of all worlds without any of the maddening crowds.

Canggu has been referred to as 'The Brooklyn of Bali' for its proliferation of eco, vego, and organic food, drinks and bars popping up across the coast, fuelled by the countless ex-pats who seem to be moving there in droves.

There are signs of development popping up everywhere so we reckon you should get in quick to take advantage of the growing flow of holidaymakers.

Development In Bali can be seen pretty much everywhere along the southern coast with old buildings bulldozed to make way for new commercial properties, among them glittering cafes and restaurant ventures to cater to the ever-burgeoning market of wealthy clientele.

In the upmarket beachfront Canggu area, Echo Beach is now home to an InterContinental hotel and the Sea Sentosa project, a resort that calls itself "the benchmark for unparalleled luxury"
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3 bedroom Villas for Yearly Rent under USD $ 20 000,
Canggu, Umalas, Seminyak areas, sorted by price lowest to highest

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