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Professional Airbnb Property Management in Bali

Maximize your investment property yield through short-term rentals with bnbprofits

Everything is taken care of including furnishing, bookings, guests, housekeeping and maintenance

Professional Management - Higher returns and better upkeep
Professional short-term rentals are proven 30-50% more profitable vs yearly rentals.

Second big benefit is retaining access to your property in- between guests for your friends and family stays.

Lastly, since performance on Airbnb or any other Online Travel Agent platform is crucially dependent on listing rating and guest reviews its essential to maintain a suitable property upkeep - therefore your villa is constantly serviced and kept in excellent condition.
Here is why Bali property owners trust bnbprofits to be their property manager
Higher Income
40% or higher rental returns with bnbprofits compared to any other self managed rental option
Stress Free
We handle everything for you. Guest communications, 24/7 check­-in, cleaning, maintenance, supply restock and more
Your Home in Good Hands
We look after your property condition and perform regular quality control inspections and preventive maintenance
Complete Flexibility
It's your home. Rent it on your terms. You decide when the property is available for bookings
Full transparency
Keep a track on your property performance via online app
Monthly Payouts
Versatile and convenient payout options based on your specific needs
Discover how much you Bali property could earn you with bnbprofits
Here is how we can quickly turn your Bali villa into profitable holiday rental investment
Dedicated Marketing team
We create top grade content to bring your property advert to next level
Market Analysis and Financial Model
We create data-driven financial plan for your property to accurately estimate future earnings
OTA Distribution

We list your property on 25+ top OTAs, direct booking websites, and market via social media and local agents network
Guest Communication

Our reservation team is located in 3 different time zones, covering 24h booking processing and guest communication
Outstanding Hospitality

Our housekeeping & Guest Relations departments deliver outstanding hotel-style services following highest hospitality
24/7 Maintenance

Our handyman team is available around the clock, whenever its a emergency repair, weekly inspection or a scheduled preventive maintenance
Supply restock

We offer centralised supply from our warehouse for all properties under our management to ensure best quality and prices
Owner Dashboard & Reporting
Keep track of your property performance via our detailed monthly reporting
Plans & Pricing
Online management plan lets you keep control over ground operation, while bnbprofits focuses on marketing and online guest communication
/ bookings
Market report & earnings projection
Professional property photoshoot
List your property on 25+ OTAs
Data driven dynamic pricing
Reviews & reputation management
and many more
/ bookings
Full Management
All online PLUS :
In person check ins
24/7 Guest support concierge
24/7 Emergency handyman
Fresh Linen & Supply Restock
Housekeeping cleaning & turnover
Preventive maintenance
and many more
Full Management plan allows you to sit back and enjoy 100% passive income, while our team maximises your holiday home financial output and delivers outstanding upkeep for your property
We maximize your property exposure by listing it on top online travel booking websites and marketing via social media channels and our local partner agents network
Owner Dashboard
Keep track on your property performance using our branded dashboard application.

Monthly reports & yearly overview. KPI stats, detailed expenses breakdown, availability calendar and latest guests feedback - essential data in your pocket all in one place.
Recent guest reviews
It's simple to get started
01. Inquiry & Inspection
Fill out the form on our website to schedule your property inspection.
02. Proposal & Agreement
Our team will create a market report and a management proposal for your property.
03. Content Creation & Listing
We organise a free professional photoshoot, create and distribute your listings on all the platforms
04. Your Payout is Ready
You receive your first Monthly Performance Report and a payout to your bank account
Let's get started
Submit your property details
Frequently Asked Questions
How will we get bookings?
Apart from our Superhost Airbnb accounts we list your villas on 25 other OTAs.
We work with dozens of agents and travel agencies from all over the world to ensure maximum occupancy for all villas under our management.
How do payouts work?
At the beginning of each month you will receive a very detailed Monthly Performance Report that contains a breakdown of bookings for past month, review on current running costs, taxes, and any other activity occurred in report period.

We use a very simple formula for payouts :

Owner Payout = Gross Revenue - (Running costs + Management Fee)

We don't charge any fixed fees, our goal is to maximize the revenue and limit the expenses as much as possible.
What are the benefits of STR compared to Monthly or Yearly rentals?
First of all, short-term rentals are proven 30% more profitable rather than yearly or monthly rentals.
Second big benefit is retaining access to your property in-between guests for your friends and family stays.
Lastly, since performance on Airbnb or any other Online Travel Agent platform is crucially dependent on listing rating and guest reviews its essential to maintain a suitable property upkeep - therefore your villa is constantly serviced and kept in excellent condition.
Can we keep villa's current staff?
Usually we recommend using our staff as we have 5-star hotel SOPs implemented as well as special training focused on energy-saving and conscious waste-management procedures, such as switching off the ACs whenever is possible, keeping proper pool pump and garden lights timer setup, minimizing plastic waste that villa produces, etc - all to decrease the running costs and enviromental impact.
How do we determine daily rates for my property?
Our pricing strategies are based on day-to-day market reports for your villa's area and stats accumulated for over 5 years operating in Bali real estate market. We use different software to scan competitor listings 3 times a day and modify the daily rates on your villa accordingly. Our main goal is to maximize the ADR and Occupancy for all villas under our management.
What is the Airbnb-Ready Checklist and why is it important?
In order to compete with growing number of villas in Bali we should tend to exceed guests expectations by providing better amenities, remarkable hospitality, and outstanding cleanness of our villas. To meet high standards and guest expectations we have designed Airbnb-Ready Checklist - a simple and clear list of must-have items and general recommendations for a villa to be successful on Airbnb and other OTAs. Our managers will perform an Airbnb-Ready inspection and upgrade your property to Meet Airbnb Plus standards, once Management Contract is signed.
What if I or my friends and family wants to stay at the villa?
Your will have a 24/7 access to your property's User's Dashboard from which you can see the calendars with current bookings and block out the dates for your visits to Bali anytime. You won't be charged for any days your stay at your villa.
What if my villa needs some structural repairs and renovations?
Apart from our 24/7 emergency maintenance brigade we have established an Architectural Department to take care of villa renovations and interior design. We will be happy to inspect your villa and provide a quotation for any works no matter big or small.
How soon we can get started?
After signing a contract it takes one day to perform Airbnb-Ready Inspection, and about a week to implement minor improvements, assign staff and prepare everything for the photoshoot. We prepare Airbnb and other OTA listings simultaneously, so your villa will be ready for bookings within 7-10 days from the contract date.
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