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Real Estate Investments in Bali
Hometime provides property management services for listings on Airbnb
With worldwide experience and a wide range of competencies, our company has a proven track record and is ready to offer its customers the best services and take responsibility for the implementation of your project.

Property investment

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Development projects
We do everything for you! Our company takes care of all matters related to transaction support, payment of profitability and facility maintenance. This is absolutely passive income for you – we build ourselves, populate ourselves, manage ourselves.
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Your private property! 100% of the property is legally assigned to you. You can buy beautiful and luxurious villas in convenient locations. We offer only the best options for you. For each individual approach, according to the wishes and preferences.

Real estate investment: how to make your money work for you? We know the answer to this question! One of the most effective investment tools is real estate. Investing in real estate is an effective investment, at least for the following reasons, called the factors of investment attractiveness. Among them are:

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  • The impossibility of losing money without alienating them;
  • Complete absence of inflation risk;
  • Ability to receive other dividends without real estate alienation.
We carry out a complete process of control and analysis of the real estate market and the sphere of investment. We keep track of all trends and report on our work. The crucial role of profit in a market economy is determined by the need for its correct calculation.

Successful financial and economic activity of the organization depends on how well the planned profit is determined. The calculation of the planned profit is carried out economically justified, which allows for timely and complete financing of investments, growth of own working capital. Correct business profit planning is key to success.

Market Report
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Property scouting of the real estate market is one of the specializations of our company. Our employees estimate the price of real estate and make a detailed report that contains only reliable and up-to-date information that is completely and completely true. Contacting us will give you a one hundred percent guarantee that the assessment procedure will be performed in
accordance with all laws and regulations.
Property Scouting
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Due diligence is the procedure for compiling an objective idea of the investee, including an assessment of investment risks, an independent assessment of the investee, a comprehensive study of the company, a comprehensive check of its financial condition.

The main purpose of the due diligence procedure is to assess the investee and identify risks associated with the activities of the investee (tax, financial, legal).
Due Deligence
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We develop compelling business plans and strategies. No matter how profitable the investment may seem, we recommend that you always conduct an independent assessment of the business of interest, as well as business modeling of its future activities.

The tax legal&tax consulting of our company offers coordinated procedures for checking the status of tax accounting and the correctness of tax reporting. Thanks to this service, the management and owners of the company will be informed in a timely manner of tax risks associated with their own business activities.

Our consulting decisions and recommendations are based on the results of regular international studies, surveys of experts from leading companies in various industries, accumulated knowledge and successful marketing cases, the best professionals with deep marketing specializations, as well as the opportunity to receive operational regional solutions.

Business setup, Notary,
Legal & Consulting

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