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Holiday Property RENTAL Investment

Bali Holiday Villa Lease
Safe Heaven For Your Investment

Better Value than Keeping Money in the Bank
  • Bali is a World Top Rated Holiday Destination with Developed Touristic Infrastructure
  • Steady demand from Australian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, New Zealand markets
  • Growing Number Of Tourist Arrivals
  • Stream of Tourists Year Around
  • High Occupancy Rates
  • Steady Rental Revenue
  • Double Your Rental Income vs. Long Term Rentals
  • Stress Free Investment - Complete marketing & Management Services Included
  • No Taxes on Villa Rental Income in your Home Country
  • Cash from the Nightly Rentals & your very own Piece of Paradis
Annual land-value growth of 15%
Learn more about tourist arrival rates, occupancy dynamics, ownership structure, fastest growing districts, top performing property types, average yearly revenues, and much more.
What we can do for you
Property Scouting
We sustain an hourly updated database of the most desirable villas. Once the property you looking for appears on our list we can immidetly can reserve it for you.
Legal arrangements
Free Hold (Hak Milik), Leasehold (Hak Pakai) or HGB (Hak Guna Bangunan) - our legal department will arrange any ownership structure you prefer. (is better for your case)
Property Management & Marketing
Bnbprofits provide full-scale property management solutions to maximize your villa's revenue output. You can learn about our management plans here: LINK
Construction, Maintenance, Supervising
We work with the most reliable contractors in Indonesia to ensure premium build quality and strict deadlines.
You can take a look at our recent projects LINK
Shared Ownership
We can provide joint-ownership programs on various property types. Here are few examples: LINK
Online Reporting
Our clients use personal accounts to have 24/7 access to their property performance report through personalized dashboards.
We know that by working with us your property will be in safe hands; our aim is to provide a service that suits your needs, deliver you the best year-round income and make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible.

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